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Ammunition/Consumable effects on skills with fixed range.

Ammunition Consumables Effects Range Skills

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PaiNzzz #1 Posted 05 January 2018 - 11:45 AM

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I'll talk about Archers because that's the only one I've played enough to have an opinion about.


Archers have the Focus Fire skill, for which the range at low tiers is equal -or almost equal- to the range of the unit. The ammunition loaded affect basic attacks, but not the skill's range, which can cause some incosistencies.

Example 1: In tier 3 Focus Fire can fire almost as far as basic attacks. Loading Heavy ammunition (-Range, +Damage), reduces your basic attack range, but not focus fire range, allowing you to fire heavyweight ammunition outside your firing range, with all the bonuses and no penatlies.

Example 2: Consequently, firing lightweight ammunition (+Range, -Damage) consumes your ammunition without any benefit but retaining the damage penalty.

In higher tiers or with the Flaming Focus Fire skill the range difference is greater, but I haven't reached far enough to test it.


While I do believe ammunition should affect the skill, I can't expect 150 slingers to focus fire within a 5-meter radius at 150 meters range either. I am contested.


Barrage is affected since it makes basic ranged attacks, hunt obviously isn't and I do believe it shouldn't be as there's not any shooting involved.


As it stands now, it has both pros and cons for the player.


Should the ammunition be unusable with the Focus Fire skill? Should ammunition apply their full effects on it? Should ammunition affect the skill in other manners, such as applying bonuses and penalties at 50% effectiveness each? That's up to you devs!

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