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#30226 [Tournament] [Streams] SUNTZU Invitational

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 14 February 2018 - 02:28 AM

SUNTZU Invitational


SUNTZU Invitational is a tournament held in a friendly atmosphere between premade teams.


The tournament will take place on Saturday, 17th of February, starting at 3:00 pm CET


Tournament will be cast by: 1. Mistrzu (Entire tournament) 2. DarrenTotalWar (grand final) 3. CA_Paulss (semifinals and 3rd place match)


If a participant wishes to stream his battles from the tournament, he can do so but with 15 minutes of delay.







Bracket: Single elimination playoff stage with 3rd place match.


Semifinals pairs will be drawn live just before the tournament using battlefy.com


Semifinals won't take place simultaneously to allow viewers to watch all matches.


Best of 3 for semi-finals and 3rd place match, best of 5 for the grand final.


Battle size: 7v7.


Team size: 10 players. Teams can swap their players between battles.


Draft: Blind pick


Unit tier: Max 6


No heavy artillery, max 1 pike player, no wooden stakes consumable.



Semi-final 1: Marathon Decider: Alpis Graia

Semi-final 2: Rubicon Decider: Thermopylae

3rd place match: Hadrian’s Wall Decider: Gergovia

Grand final: Salernum, Passage of Augustus Decider: Capitoline Hill


Full ruleset can be found here.


Some of our participants are streamers too. Here's where you can find their channels and their transmissions, should they decide to stream:
1st semifinal - 3:00 pm CET
2nd semifinal - ~4:00 pm CET
3rd place match - ~5:00 pm CET
Grand final - ~6:00 pm CET

#19291 Petition to Wargaming to change the K/D scoreboard to the old point system

Posted Xarthare on 11 September 2017 - 09:24 AM

A lot of the new players are not aquainted with this, but when the game was released on steam, and before session 6 or 7 of alpha version the scoreboard displayed information about severall core aspects of the game and not just the kills and deaths a player had during the game.

Is a scoreboard with just kills and deaths bad ?

Overall the answer is yes. People will focus on kill leading them to behave in  a manner that is not acceptable. Things as scouting, decaping, caping, morale impact, friendly fire is not displayed, and these are core points of arena, or at least they used to be.

Games are not just won by the amount of kills a player gets in a match, the points i mentioned above can be the decisive factor from a win loss. A player that sacrifices 3 units, two or even one to prevent the enemy from capturing the base is often not rewarded as he should be. He sacrificied all his units or some to allow is team to win, or not if he is unlucky, the match. Player who decap should receive more points at the end of the match.

The information that used to be displayed, and that ive already mentioned, should be part of the scoreboard, but i will mention them again, and if any of the veterans or new players think there is something that should be added feel free to do it so :):

- keep the information about the amount of kills a player perform, as the old scoreboard had, but just don't focus on those to aspect, the game doesn't need to be oversimplified;

- provide information about FRIENDLY FIRE, and PLEASE apply a penalty to players who freely abuse this mechanic. The old system that removed experience and silver was perfect, this would force player to not spam arty pebbles and arrows on team mates. There are a lot of people who will just spam it without thinking a second time on how much that will harm the team on the long run;

- provide information for people who contributed with scouting the map;

- provide information for the amount of decap and cap points a player has done during the match;

- also if a player for some reason has to leave the enemy base he was capturing i think he should not lose his points, this is something new i would like to see implemented, but sometimes, a cav player may need to leave the base to go help a team mate (and i often do this because no one is willing to sacrifice their units)

-reward team play, for several times i've wanted to vote on some player for saving me (nikepetros is one of them ;P, as well as some of the portuguese players i usually play with, or others, such as DRscot, jazz, Alex_forward adn many more). When the match ends we should be able to vote for them, if we think they deserve a medal or some kind of reward. This reward could be translated in a bonus o 5 k silver and 500 free experience for each vote.

At this point i do not recall anything else, but feel free to add something if you think it would help improving the information displayed on the scoreboard :)

#28909 The Pike Bible part 2 - An in depth guide to pikemen

Posted ThatPikeGuy on 23 January 2018 - 01:08 PM

This is a second part of a guide focused on learning how to play pikes both for newbies and crazy people that play this unit all the time for some reason. First part is lost somewhere in oblivion and was made in collaboration of a HELL member back in 2016. I am going to write this guide in a way that it isn't going to explain how to deal with this and that situation because there are just that many variables basically. If you think I missed out on something, please do post in this thread and I will try to respond if I can.


Pikemen are an all-rounder unit, capable of assault, defense and support (can change with future patches). Their tactical capabilities allow them to flex to any situation, making them the most powerful and rewarding unit when mastered.

Its area denial potential and flexibility allow pikemen to be the core of any high-tier party, allowing missiles and infantry to truly shine. Defending or going full rambo mode with pikes is up to the player to decide.


Getting started

To start off with pikemen, first you have to get used to playing spearmen. Hopefully from tiers 1-3 you have gotten pretty familiar with the spear phalanx. It is important because pikemen lack abilities like charges and turning, which spears definitely can use to full effect. What I would recommend for the first couple of games with pikes is to use phalanx as little as possible, instead just move around the battlefield, stick with either missile players and/or swords and when someone does eventually come, pop phalanx to scare them away. Learn how to move with the team, go with the flow of the team.

It is important to be able to move without phalanx because it's when the pikes are in phalanx that makes them the most vulnerable. Analyzing which angles are best and how your pikemen would perform in that angle is a skill that I can't describe unfortunately - it's a feel.

Commanders for starters


Alexander The Great is something I wouldn't recommend to any pike player because his only ability - anvil, is very buggy, it takes a lot of confidence and gamesense to synergize with the team with Alexander's pikes. Not using spears or cavalry with Alexander means losing a lot of potential support though.


Miltiades is an interesting choice because while pikemen can't access charges, he can actually combo pikes with spears to fully benefit from all of the abilities like fear. If you're just planning to play pikemen with Miltiades, he's still alright because break ranks gives a decent speed buff and fear can be used to chase down units.


Cynane is a commander that combos well with archers and makes pikemen move really really fast. Rapid advance allows pikemen to unlock mobility that throws a lot of players off-guard but while she's able to basically dance with pikemen, she can be pretty fragile. Use only when you're able to move efficiently enough to avoid engagements that'll normally kill pikemen.


Leonidas is the most popular commander for new pike players and for a good reason - Leonidas has an ability for every situation that pikemen get into like shield bash to help pikes fight in melee, fight in the shade to protect themselves from missile fire and hold the line for a morale buff. Should definitely play him before going to other commanders.




vs heavy infantry:

Pikemen have no issues chasing down infantry and any attempts of flanking by heavy infantry can be responded by an ally charging in or by simply lifting the pikes up and leaving the engagement.


vs light infantry/cavalry:

These units will try their best to flank you, so keep an open eye on the potential flanking opportunities.

When engaging light and fast units, be careful about your positioning. Deploy phalanx in spots where your flanks are covered and the unit is properly supported.


vs missiles:

With the exception of Leonidas pikemen, try to keep a distance away from these units as they are easily capable of cleaning pike units up. Units like javelinmen are especially dangerous. Use terrain to hide your pikemen and go out when the missiles can be engaged in melee.


vs wardogs:

They used to just destroy units on the charge alone but now pikemen are able to melee wardogs down. Sticking close to a Germanicus ally is the best counter vs wardogs as pikemen are going to suffer a lot of casualties when they engage dogs in melee. Watch out from wardogs with rebellion buffs though.


vs artillery:

Since pikemen are able to deploy in a very thin formation, artillery are basically ineffective against pikemen. When artillery are firing at your pikes, think of how much damage they are missing out on.


Counters and avoiding them


Scorched earth isn't that big of a deal if the positioning allows pikemen to move around the scorch. This ability only affects Leonidas players that are entrenched in a corner or holding a choke, which can be avoided with better positioning. The best way not to get funneled in and getting burnt to death is to basically push through the fire and actually use the scorch earth against the enemy - as a way to protect the flanks of pikemen. Standing just outside the chokepoint or by using flexible formations are the best ways to avoid flames.


Barrage and missiles in general punish pike players for sticking in combat for way too long or by underestimating the amount of range support by the enemy team.

One of the ways to avoid it is by brute forcing your way through with Leonidas' fight in the shade ability or by staying hidden in the bushes/forests for as long as possible.


Wardogs punish pike players for using phalanx at the wrong time but they can be easily countered if the pikes push with allied swords or by bringing extra support from pikemen or cavalry. Pikemen in melee combat do fairly alright vs dogs so use it whenever you can. Also when the dogs are getting called back, abuse the crap out of pullthrough damage and chase the dogs down to deal as much damage as possible.


Miltiades' fear punishes pike players for poor positioning or not getting enough support. It might be an annoying thing to encounter but if the pikes are prepared to fall back to a choke where pikemen cannot be flanked or by sticking with allied swords then fear isn't that big of a deal.


Ceasar's conk/vici can be very annoying for any player that don't see it coming or when one has to face a typical 4-stack party in high tiers as it prohibits pikemen from forming phalanx nor use any other abilities like rapid advance. The best course of action is to either keep a fair distance away from the Ceasar player or to wait for the allies to push in and to force the player to be engaged in melee... or just pre-emptively pop phalanx in a choke with fight in the shade on and hope there are no Vercingetorix players around.


Defiance might not seem like it can be a problem for pikemen but once a cavalry unit like T10 noble horses charge in the formation and pop defiance, the pike unit will most certainly die in seconds. Be very careful when adjusting angles because even some models under defiance getting through the phalanx can cause a lot of damage.

When the pikes are out of position, it's best to just kill the pike unit with the defianced unit using phalanx. It is better to save 20-30 pikemen than to lose an entire unit.


Anvil from Alexander is an interesting counter to pikemen as it can freeze the uint in place and make it vulnerable to everything. It even prohibits pikemen from going out of phalanx so dealing friendly fire with pikemen can be a pretty big problem. To avoid this, have an extra unit around ready to kill the anvilled pike unit if everything goes wrong or position pikes in a spot where the enemies will have a hard time to flank. Beware of spearmen using anvil as they can run straight up to the pikemen with hammer, anvil them and escape.



Pikemen are units that synergize really well with any unit in the game.

  • Swordsmen: pikes can protect swords from getting flanked or attacked by cavalry; swords can protect pikes from getting flanked or getting attacked by wardogs
  • Spearmen: spears have access to more abilities so they are more versitale; pikemen are more consistent at dealing damage, so pikemen can anchor units down for the spearmen can be a decent combo
  • Cavalry: pikes can assist in cavalry battles or by scaring cavalry away from an angle you do not want your cavalry in; cavalry can chase down vulnerable targets like ranged units or save pikemen from routing by charging in the back.
  • Ranged: pikes protect ranged units from any cavalry/infantry engagements, ranged protect pikes from other ranged units.
  • Dogs: dogs force units to engage; pikes clean up.


Phalanx usage

Learning where and when to use phalanx comes naturally so instead of strictly instructing how to use phalanx, I will provide some practices or warmup that will help with different skillsets of phalanx. Hopefully to develop some unique playstyles


Learning how to position pikemen properly:

I recommended to simply run around without phalanx as much as possible for the first couple of games - simply to see how players react to certain positions. In most cases players will try to flank pike units even if they are not in phalanx. Try to see how players around you react and try to stick with the team as best as you can.


Angling phalanx correctly:

This is where all pike players are pretty inconsistent. Sometimes the positioning of the phalanx is great but if the pikemen are deployed in a funny angle like at the corner of the unit then pikes will miss out on a lot of damage. Running straight behind the units and keeping the highest surface area is critical to getting a lot of damage output.


Enable unit directions in the settings and try to match the direction with the enemy units.


Timing phalanx:

Getting phalanx down as late as possible will give the best results as the phalanx is deep in the enemy formation. Since pikemen cannot form phalanx in combat, I would recommend enabling unit highlights in the settings menu, simply for seeing how close pikemen are till they are touching enemy units.

Sometimes players will like to test your reaction time so keep a close eye on your units.


Try to not click phalanx till the last possible moment. Best to train in bushes where visibility is limited.


Be patient and don't be greedy with phalanx:

It is important to keep pike units alive for emergency. Even if going ham with phalanx means killing 3 enemy units, leaving allies unsupported can have major consequences. Best ways to practice this is by playing with low tier pikemen in high tier games by bringing one T8+ unit with T4/6 pikes for example. Getting used to dealing basically no damage helps building better habits over time. 

Playing in mid-tiers

Now that you're in a mid-tier game, here are a couple of tips on using pikes from tiers 4-7:

  • Always stick with some teammate, no matter how confident you are in your pikes. The best allies for support are Germanicus swords and wardogs. Archers are decent but when there's cavalry nearby, it can disrupt the flow of the game.
  • When protecting archer players, keep a decent amount of spacing between the archers and pikes so that both archers and pikes can maneuver when needed
  • Don't get too greedy, sometimes it's best to not go for an infantry blob and let others finish the units down. Who knows, maybe there's cavalry or an angry Russian party hidden in the forest.
  • When enemies are trying to bait out a phalanx from you, don't be too sensitive and activate phalanx only when the enemy units are fully turned (I'd recommend turning on unit directions in the settings) and/or already charging. Popping phalanx in the open can at best make your pikes miss out on getting kills or at worst getting surrounded and killed.
  • Don't worry about doing mistakes as we're all humans. Besides, we improve from our mistakes, so analyzing your own play is recommended.

Since mid tiers are the most populated, partying up is always nice because there's someone you can support or who can support you. Don't try anything TOO fancy just yet, try to learn slowly.


Playing in high-tiers

This is where your skills are truly tested - to see how far you've learned during the grind and if your're willing to adapt to some of the new things you'll see. Usually high tiers are a turning point for most pike players so they stick in mid-tiers to enjoy the game as much as they can, but for those who are willing to stick... here's a few tips :

  • Look around in the forums to see which units are getting the most attention to see what compositions the teams will most likely have. Now it's pretty common to see 4-stack parties with pikes/javs/archers/swords and mostly Germanicus infantry or Vercingetorix cavalry.
  • When not playing Leonidas, avoid taking routes where pikes are going to get countered or prepare to face a lot of resistance. What I mean by that is that there are some spots in the map where archer parties are deploying consistently. Spots like Alpis Graia top-mid area, Thermopylae tower, Salernum city, Marathon beach forest are just a few examples.
  • Left click on every unit surrounding you to check what to expect from them. If it is a Greek spear unit, chances are it is Miltiades/Alexander or if it is artillery then expect to get vici'd by Ceasar. If one retreats to safety back in time, it is possible to avoid a potential disaster.
  • Avoid tunnel vision when chasing down units. Usually the units running away from the pikes are regrouping with players that are prepared to take on the pikes. Overextension is the most common thing that kills pikes unfortunately.
  • Partying up is a great way of training consistency - playing with reliable players will help remove a lot of the randomness that these pub matches have so that all the focus is spent on trying to improve.
  • For soloqueuers it is best to stick in the back ranks and approach every engagement very slowly. Going after already engaged enemy units is a very consistent way of helping out your team in score.
  • When facing an organized team like a 4-player party, try to keep the team cohesion to the best of your ability. Don't be afraid of taking the hit for the team if it means that valuable targets will survive. Assist units like archers or cavalry in flanking the enemy position and apply pressure from as many sides as the team can.



These are a few playstyles that I find pretty useful and occasionally switch between them. You might develop your own playstyle with pikes, who knows.

It is advised to keep switching playstyles mid-match as the situation calls for it.



By using forests, bushes, cliffs and chokes pikes can flank the enemy without being seen for a long enough time or to at least cut off their retreat path. Keep at least one unit up front to scout ahead to see when it's a good opportunity to go out and attack.

This is surprisingly effective due to how unexpected pikes popping out of nowhere can get.



Sticking close to your teammates and scaring enemy units away when needed is a concept that is pretty simple to execute. Works best in parties when there is a dedicated missile/sword player

Falling back to archers or swords when needed can make units survive that much longer.

When defending an objective like a tower or base, use as little phalanx as possible - use pikemen to force units to engage with your allies and then attack.



This is the most common playstyle for confident pike players because of how much damage output pikemen can potentially have.

It isn't recommended to play with just 1 pike unit at a time using this playstyle, but 2 are just manageable. Bringing Cynane will give you the best results but playing any commander will work, even Leonidas. I would advise against this playstyle as it can be pretty hard for your team to support the pikemen.



Some advanced things (´・◡・`)

Ability interactions - Anvil and Rapid advance

I chose the two abilities as they are maaybe not used to their full potential by most players. Rest of the abilities are covered in commander basics.


Anvil is an ability that allows pikemen to freeze units in place. There is technically no limit as how many units can be anvilled because the ability affects any unit that is in contact with pikes, even from the rear.

In order to use anvil, one must issue an attack order and wait till the anvil ability becomes usable. Same with phalanx but keep in mind that the pikes need to be dealing damage, otherwise the anvil will not work. This is important to know in situations like pike duels and when the pikes need to anvil multiple units with a single anvil. One trick to getting more units anvilled is to give attack orders to each unit to see if the anvil ability becomes usable or just wait for a couple of seconds before popping anvil. Another thing to mention about pike duels is that if there is a certain pattern (explained in pike duels), anvil will keep the pike duel stuck in that certain pattern, so it is possible to flawlessly win pike duels pretty consistently now.

Another thing to point out is that it will reset all morale flank damage, which can allow pikemen to be surrounded and still keep their morale up. This is extremely powerful against Miltiades spears or any other units that rely solely on flanking.

Anvil also makes abilities like defiance, vengeace and rapid advance useless. With the inability to move nor use abilities, there are no units able to escape after getting anvilled. Even when pikemen are forced to set up for the inevitable anvil, they cannot go out of phalanx, so a potentially troll-ish setup would be to pop anvil on a pike player near allies to see how much friendly fire he can accumulate. Another strategy is to rotate the anvils between the units to keep the enemy units stuck for as long as possible (useful when one unit is anvilling in melee and the second one is on the other side with phalanx down)

Without phalanx it is possible to anvil units by just pressing attack on them and once anvil is applied, the pike unit is free to do anything to the enemy unit - scorching it, using heavy shot with slingers, mass charging with cav, etc. There are some interesting properties with anvil like being able to deal with spearmen from the front due to them not being able to recover from fatigue, cavalry dropping a lot of their melee defence, etc. Don't feel too afraid to use it without phalanx as pikes are surprisingly effective against anvilled units.

This ability was designed to be used in conjunction with hammer but unfortunately its charge deflect debuffs are simply too negligible to matter.

Once anvil gets some fixes I will edit this paragraph.



Rapid advance is an ability for Cynane that makes pikemen move and turn fast, even in phalanx.

This ability is more useful when out of phalanx because pikemen can get into more than favourable positions and angles than any other pike commander can. This is because with rapid advance, pikemen are able to chase down, flank and surround any unit and disengage without taking many casualties. In high tiers this ability becomes spammable, so moving in-between the cooldowns will become second nature. Use rapid advance to escape from Miltiades/Alexander spears (keep your distance, max view range is already pretty dangerous), dodge missiles and bug out dogs so that they waste their charges.

However in phalanx this ability becomes something completely out of this world.

In phalanx, pikemen are able to spin on a dime, which allows them to deal with any flank attacks. When they're not spinning, they're either able to backpedal and sidestep away from unit, allowing pikemen to retreat to a more favourable position, or pikemen can move forwards really fast, going through units so fast that the knockback stuns make units end up in the opposite end of the pike formation or that it allows pyknosis pikes to unlock damage outputs that are beyond any unit's reach.

To avoid getting units stuck in your formation resulting in a lot of potential casualties, it is best to either move back or click attack on the unit after the pikemen are starting to touch enemy models. While it seems like going really deep into the unit is going to deal more damage, it is actually spreading the unit more because the models went through a pike unit which results in less damage output.. unless it is when the pikemen need to go through another unit to get to squishier units like light barbarian infantry or missiles, then rapid advance can be used to its full potential. Even a couple of pikemen can do a lot of damage to squishy units, so keep an eye for players that are bunched up.


Pike duels

"You know how sometimes your computer crashes and blue screens? Like that but for pikes." - CA Jamie


With every tiny change in knockback mechanics or phalanx, there's new methods of approaching pike vs pike engagements.

Before engaging other pikes check what units are behind both of your and their pikes because eventually the pikes will start pushing forward, potentially attempting to get the units behind (particularly scary when facing Cynane pikes).

Keep in mind that getting the first hit on the pike unit matters when your pikes have pyknosis on or there is a two tier difference (exceptions at T5/7/9 where the pikemen get destroyed within one tier difference, T4/6 are somehow special idk)
There are 3-4 patterns on how pikes get hit (center only/one side/two sides and losing in center/full area) and it switches around like 5-10 seconds. What I mean by that is that sometimes the pikemen will almost flawlessly kill the other pike unit when suddenly that same pike unit starts hitting the sides of the pike unit and the engagement is equal.

Abilities like thrust/skewer will help seeing how the pattern will look like when the pikes do engage but do not rush in with rapid advance when there is a full pattern as there is a high probability the duel can quickly swing around, use rapid advance only when there are are units behind that need to be killed.
If you're higher tier then you get less punished for sticking in an unfavourable pattern (especially with T8/10) but if you just hold attack orders on the pike unit and not rapid advance through when not needed then it's mostly equipment/luck based.
When one wants to use angles, it is mostly abusing about pathfinding and how phalanx ignores obstacles.

When playing Cynane, try to have the pike formation wider than the other unit to avoid patterns altogether because the units flanking can get a lot of free hits in by using rapid advance. If you can, try to engage pikes from the side/rear as a way to punish pikes for poor positioning/angling... or just ignore pikemen entirely and only engage them when they are vulnerable (still, check if they are Cynane pikes)


TL;DR - click attack, don't panic if you start to lose.


Unit abilities - phalanx thrust/skewer, pyknosis, repositioning

Thrust becomes available from Tier 6 pikemen (skewer to T10 but they're pretty much identical) and while the lack of raise shields might put some players off, it is always a pretty nice ability to have. And besides, Leonidas can still use fight in the shade with them.

With thrust it is possible to have a longer reach with your pikemen - simply to deal damage to the two backest ranks to finish off the unit quicker or simply to have a first hit on pike vs pike engagements. I am not a big fan of the ability, unless it is paired up with pyknosis which makes pikes unlock the potential of nuking infantry blobs. It doesn't quite work like with spears where the pikes have to be really deep in the enemy formation to deal a lot of damage but instead it works on activating the ability when the units are the most dense. Thrust is pretty useful for disengaging as well as it will knock most units down but there is a small delay of when pikes actually start to lift their pikes, so be aware of that. Also with rapid advance if you need to turn around, activating thrust can get most units out so that the pikes don't get routed for as long as possible.


Pyknosis is an ability available to Tiers 8 and 10, giving a lot of damage boost for actually a pretty substantial speed debuff.

Keep in mind that before using pyknosis, the pikes must not take damage for a while.

While commanders that need every point of speed like Leonidas can't benefit much from pyknosis, there are two commanders that truly shine with the ability.

Cynane's rapid advance negates all of the negatives of pyknosis and so it becomes a very powerful combo to face - dealing up to 30k damage a second with Tier 10 pikemen and basically having the ability to win every pike duel, Cynane with pyknosis is no joke.

Alexander's anvil simply allows pikemen to deal more damage to the units that are anvilled. That's it really lol


Repositioning is a pretty controversial ability for the Tier 9 pikemen as it allows pikemen to spin and dance for 10 seconds, basically making them become the pre-nerf pikemen that we all knew and loved. Repositioning is very popular with Leonidas players and for a good reason - they still keep all of their abilities and they would rather trade damage for extra mobility.

Using repositioning as rapid advance is something I would strongly advise against because the 10 second duration passes so quickly that pikemen can only get harmed from it. It is best to use the ability sparingly and when the pikemen really do need to turn to save themselves or just to get back to safety after overextending. In pike duels this ability is useless.

When facing a repositioning pike however, take time when the ability was last activated and simply flank the pikes during the downtime. Another strategy is to simply stand in the back of pikemen as pikemen as it can force them to throw everything away just to respond to such a threat.


Using terrain

This is where pikemen can truly shine - by using terrain to use phalanx to its full potential or simply to protect the unit.

Analyze the maps and see which routes work the best for your pikemen by going through each and every route in the map and seeing what situations you are presented with. It can be pretty overwhelming at first but there are some patterns in the maps to help in the learning process.

Forests and bushes are useful for hiding from a lot of resistance unless it is Thermopylae or Marathon for example.

Cliffs can be used to either scout ahead and to see if any units are close or to easily defend a position. Cliffs can also be used against the enemy as most maps allow pikemen to close off the escape routes (best examples are Alpis Graia, Germania, Rubicon). When near a cliff, some players might use docking as a way to flank the pikemen so be observant and react accordingly when it happens.

Chokepoints are a little overrated for most pike players as they have limited options of escape but it can actually pay off if it means blocking off enemy units from passing through a flank. Hadrian's wall comes to mind as a perfect example of pikemen being able to hold flanks on their own basically because only scorched earth, artillery or a flank attack can consistently deal with a Leonidas pike units in the chokes fast enough.

Open ground allows for more flexible formations and is perfect for setting up mass formations, so avoid going into open ground when facing parties.


Tricks/memes with phalanx


Using knockdowns to your advantage - the charge impact of cavalry or heavy infantry will normally send the pikemen flying. While the pikemen are still technically in combat, the downed pikes are not so activating phalanx then can make the downed pikes get up and start dealing damage deep inside the unit. Best used with pyknosis.


Chase till the infantry units have used their charge -  this sounds pretty odd at first but when the infantry are charging away from the pikes, their models will occasionally get so bunched up that going for a phalanx from the rear can actually make the difference. This is how one can deal 40k+ damage a second with pyknosis + anvil pikes.


Using hitboxes to hit from the side of the phalanx - since the pikes themselves are basically like lightsabers, they don't even need to turn the full 180 degrees to respond to a rear attack. Turning 60 to 80 degrees will start dealing damage even to the units to the rear but keep in mind that while the pikes are able to deal damage, they need to face the units head on if they have to take a charge.


Sandwiching - a classic strategy where pikemen trap a unit/-s down by surrounding them. Hence the name sandwiching. When pikemen aren't able to deal much damage from the front, dealing damage from the rear will give much better results.

This is a pretty simple yet effective way of taking a huge amount of units.


Hotswapping - when the allied units or your pikemen are near their death but they have managed to blob up enemies rather nicely, going through the units to get a lot of enemy kills is a pretty viable strategy. It works really well against defiance, mass Germanicus infantry blobs and barbarian infantry. Sure it can kill a lot of your pikemen but the benefits can far outweigh the loss of like 30-40 pikemen. Besides, they are still effective when not in full strength.


Surfing - is a pathfinding bug that allows pikemen to run while technically in phalanx. This used to be very problematic in Steam version where pikes could outrun light cavalry but now they can be used as a decoy, to pop phalanx in combat as an example. To accomplish this, click on a ledge/cliff, click away and then form phalanx. This also allows pikemen to go through allies while in phalanx, which allows them to clean up enemes when flanking isn't an option. Surfing also refers to a bug that makes pikes run forward instead of forming phalanx, which was the original bug.


Using models that are lagging behind to your advantage - after engaging a unit or simply by going through vegetation, unit cohesion will be lost so the unit becomes very spread out. This can be used to make phalanx more spread out to deal damage to a lot more units than usual or by using the 1-3 pikemen in front to kill squishy units. Use unit highlights to see and track this effect better.


Abusing pathfinding - since phalanx ignores the no-go zones such as cliffs and buildings, it is possible to mush pikemen against the wall and make them spread out and split, covering a ridiculously wide area, spaghettifying the formation. Issuing move orders at the general direction where you want your pikes to be will do the trick. This can be used in certain spots to noclip through buildings and walls, allowing pikemen to snipe units that are behind obstacles. Using the same method pikes can leap off cliffs to do paratrooper flank missions. I wish I was joking about this.


#1 Advice for aspiring pike players

Don't take in too much information or advice from other players as their perspective on the game is different. I tried to make this guide that gives as much information as possible without telling pike players precisely what to do.


Use this as a guideline for your future battles, use your own feel to play pikemen - this can take some battles to get used to them but your own gamesense and intuition is irreplaceable, even with guides like these one can't just become really good with pikes by just reading. Adapt to the meta, improve your phalanx usage and the results will show as you play the game more. Always keep a positive attitude!


Good luck on the battlefield and I wish you a smooth journey in learning pikes.

#20411 High tier leaders playing in low tier ranks (proposed solution)

Posted Ll3w3llyn on 17 September 2017 - 12:21 PM

Hey guys,


Like a lot of similar multiplayer games, there's a bit of a "smurf" problem in Total War: Arena. And while most games require a person to make a smurf account in order to play with lower tiers, this is not necessary for Arena. In fact, the game itself seems to give incentives for this kind of behaviour. Everyone will go back from Tier X at some point to start ranking up the next part of the unit tree, and that's perfectly okay. 


But right now Arena gives a huge advantage to these players, because their leaders will retain all of their upgrades. That means that you can find a leader with a fully upgraded ability tree fighting with tier I units. While their units are of the same tier as their opponents', they have a huge advantage because their fully ranked up abilities will buff their units to perform on a much higher level. 


To solve this, I propose that when upgraded leaders fight with lower tier units, their abilities are restricted to the tier they are playing in. For instance, take a fully upgraded Leonidas, who decides to play tier II so he can rank up some of the units he hasn't tried yet. While he has all three abilities unlocked and upgraded to tier X, he should be limited to using the abilities available on tier II (and only upgraded to the extent tier II allows). This makes sure that this veteran player, who already has a huge advantage in this lower tier by virtue of his experience, does not get an even bigger advantage over the newer players more commonly found at the lower tiers.

#21007 SUNTZU Clan Recruitment.

Posted SUNTZU_JoJo on 22 September 2017 - 05:22 PM

The SUNTZU International Division will open its doors to new recruits from:

Friday the 16th of March 2018


If you simply want to become a part of a friendly community, or maybe aspire to become a Competitive Player, then SUNTZU just might be for you!


If you only have time for a few games a week and aren't able to fully commit to playing Total War: Arena from a competitive standpoint, don't worry! We have other Clan Members in exactly the same position, meaning you can enjoy your time in game with them.


Furthermore, for those of you who want to improve your skills, you will have many opportunities to play with our more competitive players and even join our specialised training sessions.


This way you can still have fun within our community, be part of the team, but without feeling like you have to play a lot.



For the Clan Members who are able to demonstrate the skills and commitment, they will have the opportunity to evolve into a competitive player.


For those who are passionate about Total War: Arena, this is where you will thrive. From playing regularly together, strong bonds will be formed. This will fuel synergy amongst the team & this is also where leaders are born.


We believe in creating an atmosphere of progression, where every game has a lesson to learn. Using each players skills to the maximum potential and then raising the bar even higher, all while having fun.


To sign up to SUNTZU please join our Twitch server, as this is where the SUNTZU clan lives and breathes.


Just tell us something about yourself, provide your in-game name, preferred playstyle & what you expect from SUNTZU.


You will then be given the rank of [Recruit] and will gain access to our [Recruitment Chat] Channel where you can post your availability, such as the date & time that you are online and available to play.


SUNTZU Members will invite you to a party when available.





The Recruitment Process lasts approximately a month. During this period, your teamwork and individual skills will be put to the test; but we also use this timeframe to see how your personality fits within the clan, as we believe the right personality & attitude to be just as invaluable as your skills on the battlefield.


Whilst we provide an estimated timeframe of one month for the recruitment process, this is not set in stone. It can either be shorter or longer depending on how often you play but also on the feedback received from our Clan Members regarding your level of activity, progression & integration within the SUNTZU community.



To stay up to date, please visit our Reddit post:







#28083 Player vs AI HARD IF YOU KNOW HOW

Posted JonatheOrange on 07 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Yeap thats right....it can be hard...Are you surprised?

Do you belong to the category of those crying that the ai is to easy???? Do you belong to those who keep posting countless posts and threads  just to create a false picture of what is really happening in the lower tiers ?If you belong to the first 2 categories of players...then watch the the video below...it will be good for your health....and your ego...because simply you are to good ...for now at least...!


Now if you belong to the doki doki literature club ...sit back and enjoy Monika and only Monika...who have no clue what this game is about...who have no clue that this game is a Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena...(MOBA!) because its only Monika.



One more time i have been forced to come to the forums and write with my own unique way a couple of things about the status of the game and give answers to those who  are making false accusations towards the devs  of ca, wg and the true status of the game and secondly towards to  those who accuse me personally and my clan Hades for being crap at the game.

The reason i came here to write this thread is because some players from the american forum of the total war arena started a thread were quite openly accuse my clan and used names against us.Ill provide you the link which only 2 hours ago has been locked up by the moderator since it couldnt offer anything constructive in terms of feedback anymore....and Ill provide you the link since the majority of the players dont have an na account and probably havent read it...



Now if you read what they have written there....you probably understand why i am writing this thread-answer to those who falsely believe that they are contributing to the game this way...those who cry like babies in a closed beta...those who believe that by making numerous posts they will affect the devs for the good of their commander...(Thanks to them we have a "dead" commander... Cynane but that's another thing for another time...)


Well they asked for those videos with their answers and for that reason we created 2 videos ...the first video with 3 of us...playing low tier games with tier 1 units....and a second one...with all possible scenarios...like all 3 of us with tier 3 units vs ai...everyone with one tier 2 unit and 2 tier 1 units vs ai...and lastly only one player with a one tier 1 unit and all the rest 2s vs ai....


Please be my guest and watch both of them....and maybe you will understand why parties like my clans are keep losing in the game....

In case you dont know yet that this game is about competitive multiplayer teambased gaming then maybe these 2 videos will help you to understand it.Some of you obviously  know what terms like battle awareness or what teamwork means....you believe that you are heroes and that you can storm against whole group of enemies and wipe them out...with a fart... just because you were good playing league of legends or lol or whatever you have been playing...You believe that you are better just because you become mvp a few times and that made a great player who knows everything and that gives you the right to come and troll and accuse the project of arena or other players....well guess again...Some of you are already great players....but the majority of you ...you ARE GODS!!! You need to play less...you need to cooperate less...you need to learn to use your powers for good and when you learn that you will become the hero Gotham needs. you falsely believe you are now....because gentlemen simply you ignore one thing....

If you are crying in joy now because you continuously winning in game....what will happen later when bad teams will start forming up..when instead of having a few hundreds of bad players there are going to be thousands of thousands ....or instead of a 2-3 crapparties or clans you will have hundreds if not thousands.

Anyway thats my problem...my problem is to create one of the shittest multiplayer teams for arena because both me and my clanmates believe in the project with the name Total war arena....so instead of accusing us for sucking at the game....ill tell you this...WE WIN NOTHING...we never did...we play what they give us to play....You want to blame the game fine....do it ...but dont blame the players ... because we are real scrub players....you are not...just yet! If some of you believe that because you joined that "FAN MADE" DISCORD and because you are chatting with a couple of moderators and twitch broadcasters or utubers that makes you someone special...then your'e probably right....you fken rock!

Yes the game has issues...but its getting better...digest it...dont spit on this game....its a great one...if you don't like it...dont play it...

Its not a classic total war game...its a moba....its a multiplayer arena!


video 1 Low tiers with tier 1...https://www.youtube....h?v=61vG2J6YGuQ

video 2 low tiers with all the above scenarios....https://www.youtube...._id=icoA73vXN-A


Ps.sorry for the language in the videos...but we edited everything...just for you...

ps2.We didnt have a fourth guy...we didnt want our american blow their load....and sleep peacefully...

ps3 qq....and happy new year....may Hades be with us!

ps4 This is a tavern....just saying for the moderators...

ps5 We didnt even use our 10% for these games....simple games...to spend our time...the bad games...are on different times...

ps6 all credits to Hades for making and uploading both videos...He is making crapvideos....don't bother checking them out...and learn kung-fu...

ps7 pssssssssssss

#17339 No gold given at the start of Closed Beta

Posted Akriom on 01 September 2017 - 07:55 PM

Ave Commanders!


As you may have noticed, we have left all accounts without any gold. While we have been giving out gold during Alpha to test this feature and see how people were using it we are having a different approach this time around.


For the first days/week of Closed Beta we want to see how players react with a very limited amount of gold/no gold at all. This serves the purpose of having a better understanding of the progression system while also having a better understanding of the free to play version of the game and player's progression if no gold can be spent.


Fear not, as we are looking at other ways of improving your gameplay experience and will reveal these once we are ready to do so. 


We do understand that for those who used to have gold or that would like to buy gold this experience can be frustrating. Please understand that it is an important part of the testing process especially during the early stage of this Closed Beta. 


If anything, take this as a challenge and don't forget Commanders can be bought with free experience. 


See you on the battlefield!


#30729 update on forum situation

Posted XIIl_DarkDusT on 24 February 2018 - 04:28 AM

Deleting your forum for reddit and discord.

Sounds like a starting twitch player that doesn't know what he's doing, or some new world of warcraft guild.

Impressive to see it's CA and Wargaming.

Great stuff, your pulling our alpha and beta community appart.

Reddit is called  a wall of text, it's not more than that and you won't make me start using that crap, same like so many others.

Discord got big on 12 year old's that didn't have the money or friends with a teamspeak server, so crapload of flashy sound/facebook chat option's/kiddo joke's/marketing everywhere and bad sound quality.

Been on the discord to get nothing but spam and sometimes a announcement.



This change empowers us to accomplish two goals:

  1. Give the players an English language forum platform that is universally understood to be the place to go for both developer and community interactions.
  2. Offer the development team a single, focused, forum to read, engage, and digest your feedback.

1. This forum is in English, and you control the boundaries.

2. Read the forum, still waiting for responses on crapfrom month's back ty ;)


Forum's have alway's been used for these kind of endeavors and CA has them in every other game. Explain me this, please.

This just looks like your focussing on 12 year olds. I don't think that very much matches the playerbase...


Posted JonatheOrange on 21 February 2018 - 03:38 PM

I dont have a problem with discord or reddit but personally i prefer forums because i can go see what i want to see and dont have to search through a wall of text and post.

#16905 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 30 August 2017 - 10:40 AM


#23394 FF penalty calculation

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 26 October 2017 - 02:16 PM

I really like the idea of scaling FF penalty - the more you FF the higher the multiplier gets. It raises an issue however that player who dealt 10k FF and 100 dmg to enemies will get the same penalty as a player who dealt 10k FF and 20k dmg to enemies and a guy who dealt 15k FF and 200k dmg to enemies will be penalised even more despite clearly being the best out of those 3 players.


People need to be aware that there is good and bad FF. Bad FF should be penalised more than it is right now and good FF should be penalised less.


I suggest (again...) that another variable should be introduced in calculating the amount of FF penalty at the end of a battle - total damage done to enemies. Simply compare the ratio of total damage done to enemies to FF damage, apply some formula on top of it and voilà. It can be as simple as dividing the FF penalty by that ratio so if you deal 10 times more damage to enemies than to allies your penalty is 10 times lower, if you deal 10 times more damage to allies than to enemies, your penalty is 10 times higher.


There is one potential hole (or not, depends how you look at it) in that system (still less holes than in the current one). A player could do a few volleys of very bad FF (let's say 10:1) and then for the rest of the battle he would deal no FF at all but still do a decent amount of damage. Some people would say he needs to be punished accordingly for that very bad FF, some can say he should be forgiven because it was a one timer and ultimately he did more good than bad for his team (that would also mean that people who do it by accident will be less penalised - something that phalanx players certainly know more than anyone). If the offender was to be punished accordingly for that very bad FF, the game would have to compare damage dealt to allies and enemies in that short period of time - relatively hard to implement and judge properly by a system. Not to mention that if someone deals pure FF in short amount of time, there can be a problem of dividing by 0 ;P



- Incorporate ratio of FF to damage done to enemies to formula when calculating FF penalty at the end of a battle.

- It will mean lower penalties for those who do good FF (a lot of damage to enemies when compared to damage to allies)

- It will also mean higher penalties for those who do bad FF (a lot of damage to allies when compared to damage to enemies)

- It will also mean more forgiving system for accidental FF (for example when an ally walks through your phalanx)

- It can mean that players who do bad FF but then do no FF for the rest of the battle while still dealing damage to enemies can be penalised less than they should in some people's eyes. In my opinion that's far lesser evil compared to current system/formula.

#21625 Closed Beta third patch notes! (29/09/2017) - Update 2.1

Posted Akriom on 29 September 2017 - 05:18 PM


The next update is soon upon us as it will arrive on the Tuesday 3rd of October!


Balance changes and entirely new abilities have been implemented for Tier VI and beyond – but don’t worry if you haven’t reached Tier VI yet, as we want as many players as possible to be able to test these changes! Log in to the game between now and Monday 2 October at 05:00 CEST (UTC+2) to receive a free gift of 500 Gold and 3 Premium Account days to give you a boost as you climb towards Tier VI.

But let's get into the details of what this update brings to the game!





  • Player level is a single number that represents the player's overall time spent playing Total War: ARENA. It continues on past Tier X, and is separate to commander tiers and unit upgrades.
  • The player levels up automatically by playing battles, and the battle outcome influences the speed of levelling up. This number constantly grows regardless of being a 'spread' player (a player who plays multiple or all Commanders) or 'tunnel' player (players who concentrate on a single Commander), allowing you to easily compare your game rank with your friends.
  • Your player level is very visible on your profile, and you are given various rewards for levelling up, including currencies and premium access, but we are looking at more rewards to add to this.







  • You can now earn and unlock titles which can display alongside your player name in battle.
  • Titles are a great way of showing off achievements you've earned and add a level of customisation to your profile. Titles are available when you earn the Silver Grade of an achievement, while Mythical Achievement titles are available when you unlock the achievement, regardless of Grade.
  • More titles will be available as we implement more achievements.
  • Titles appear before your player name and above it in battle (this is customisable in the UI settings).
  • We are looking at a way to reward closed beta players for participating with a unique title.




  • The conditions for unlocking the current titles are as follows:


Legatus Legatus Buy a Roman Commander
Consul Roma Invicta (gold) 1,250 Roman victories
Africanus Africanus (Silver) 1,000 Scipio victories
Avenger Germanicus (Silver) 1,000 Germanicus victories
Conqueror Conqueror (Silver) 1,000 Caesar victories
War Chief War Chief Buy a Barbarian Commander
Warlord Aesir Warlord (Silver) 1,250 Barbarian victories
Eaglebane Liberator (Silver) 1,000 Arminius victories
Ruiner Lioness (Silver) 1,000 Boudica victories
Warrior King Uniter (Silver) 1,000 Vercingetorix victories
Strategos Strategos Buy a Greek Commander
Autorkrator Epiphanes Autokrator (Silver) 1,250 Greek victories
The Great The Great (Silver) 1,000 Alexander victories
Spartan Spartan (Silver) 1,000 Leonidas victories
Queenslayer Queenslayer (Silver) 1,000 Cynane victories
Tyrant Tyrant (Silver) 1,000 Miltiades victories
All factions (Continuous):
Imperator Imperator (Silver) 90 Units unlocked
Legend Ad Victoriam Unlock all Units and have all Commanders at Tier X
All factions (Single Battle):
Title Achievement Required Condition
Scourge Exterminatus Maximum (Mythic) 1,500 kills in a single battle





  • Replay system implemented, the controls you have during a replay are:
    • Pause
    • Fast Forward (x2, x5)
    • Slow motion (x0.5)
    • Free Camera View
    • Select any player and view fog of war from their perspective (but not their camera movements)
    • Fog of War on/off




  • The Cloud replay browser extends the local replay browser by allowing you to download replays from the cloud. You will be able to access your own or your friends' replays and tag games you enjoyed as ‘Favourites’. While in the battle, all tooltips and battle UI are still available, so you can read the battlefield exactly how you would in battle. This is a great way to show off a particularly good battle to your friends, or to watch and analyse where you went wrong or got defeated.







  • New information display with abilities, descriptions, unit type, and difficulty.
  • New tooltips for every option menu item to help you understand what each option does.
  • New ability tooltips that help to explain the ability more clearly and give a more technical breakdown of its effects.
  • New Commander tooltips showing faction, difficulty, specialty, a short description and Commander abilities.
  • New short and flavoursome unit descriptions for all current units, mixing tactical and historical information. These will be implemented for all future units and factions from the outset.








  • All units have also had their colouring looked at to make them more historical and varied, with many units now having unique colourings.






  • Can now earn decorations in battle which are rewards for small, positive actions. These will display at the top right of the screen and multiple different kinds can be unlocked, dependent on positive actions done in battle.
  • These decorations have been added to reward you for playing well, and giving you immediate feedback on your actions.
  • Decorations are currently rewarded for the following:
executed  EXECUTED - Killed an enemy commander
ambushed AMBUSHED - Executed a Surprising Flank Manoeuvre
nuked NUKED - Caused an enemy to suffer a Nuke Morale Penalty
eliminated ELIMINATED - Dealt the final blow that caused a unit to be eliminated or shattered
defended DEFENDED - Decap an enemy unit capturing your base
saved SAVED - Apply a morale effect to an ally that means the difference between routing and not routing
demolished DEMOLISHED - Destroy an enemy artillery piece
routed ROUTED - Rout an enemy unit (only awarded to most recent enemy morale effect)





  • Victory/Defeat screen now shows the top players from each team, and their associated Commanders.
  • We have built on the glory of finishing a battle by adding an animated Top Players call-out following the Victory / Defeat screen.
  • After seeing the Victory / Defeat screen for a few seconds, you will see this new screen showing one player from each team based on one condition from this list:
    • Most kills
    • Most spotting
    • Most capture
    • Most decorations






All Tier VI+ units have had their statistics and abilities considered and tailored towards their playstyles, with entirely new abilities added.


  • Introduced Formed Combat as the new base ability for Tier VI+ Roman Infantry, increasing their defensive capability.
  • Differentiated infantry types by introducing "Light Pila" and "Heavy Pila"
  • Gave Javelins a mix of either mobility, or missile blocking abilities.
  • Focused the Cavalry unit line more on having a mix of supporting abilities.
  • Tier VIII Italian Noble Cavalry: Melee Attack reduced from 161 to 153, Melee Defence reduced from 85 to 81.


  • Increased frontal block on Pikemen, so that they are not reliant on having ‘Raise Shield’ as a unit ability on every unit.
  • Scattered some supporting & mobility abilities into the spear line to help with Greek mobility.
  • Alternated between offensive and supportive Cavalry units for unit diversity.
  • Offered more tank, damage, or mobility options through equipment choice for Archers.
  • Alternated fast fire and range for the Slingers through abilities.

Barbaric Clans:

  • More fire abilities.
  • Mixed up the Wardogs with new ability and release options.
  • Fetch: Intercept range reduced from 110 to 80.
  • Introduced some buff/debuff abilities to the infantry line.
  • Damage & speed buff abilities for Falxes.
  • Mixed support abilities for the Cavalry.
  • Alternated fast fire and range with the Missile units through abilities.





For the lower tiers, morale flank damage has been rebalanced so that battles feel more offensive and combat-focused, where you are able to more confidently engage the enemy. Softening the lethal nature of morale flank damage allows newer players to learn about the morale system while it is less punishing and offers more opportunities to support and reinforce allies at the lower tiers, helping to encourage teamwork throughout all tiers.


For the higher tiers, we saw a predominance of Cavalry and registered that the community were concerned about this. Instead of rushing out a balance patch and making a mistake, we waited until more data was available, and then considered how to approach the subject. The result is a reduction in the amount of morale damage done by Cavalry in the higher tiers, as we found that players could use a support ability and then flank to inflict incredibly large amounts of morale damage. By reducing the raw flank morale damage, you are still encouraged to use support abilities and help teammates, but Cavalry are no longer able to single-handedly rout large quantities of units.

  • Rebalancing of Morale flank damage:
    • Roman:
      • Tier I
        • Pedites decreased from -70 to -56
        • Tirones decreased from -35 to -28
      • Tier II
        • Milites decreased from -70 to -56
        • Leves decreased from -35 to -28
      • Tier III
        • Accensi decreased from -70 to -62
        • Republican Skirmishers decreased from -35 to -31
        • Catapult decreased from -35 to -31
      • Tier IV
        • Hastati decreased from -70 to -64
        • Socii Javelineers decreased from -35 to -32
        • Heavy Catapult decreased from -35 to -32
        • Auxillary Cavalry decreased from -70 to -52
      • Tier V
        • Principes decreased from -70 to -67
        • Rorarii decreased from -35 to -34
        • Onager decreased from -35 to -34
        • Architecti decreased from -35 to -34
        • Celeres decreased from -70 to -54
        • Retentus decreased from -70 to -67
      • Tier VI
        • Equites decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier VII
        • Legionary Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier VIII
        • Italian Noble Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier IX
        • Praetorian Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier X
        • Legatus decreased from -70 to -56
    • Greek:
      • Tier I
        • Mycenaean Hoplites decreased from -45 to -36
        • Mycenaean Archers decreased from -35 to -28
      • Tier II
        • Archaic Hoplites decreased from -45 to -38
        • Archaic Archers decreased from -35 to -29
      • Tier III
        • Theban Hoplites decreased from -45 to -40
        • Ionian Archers decreased from -35 to -31
        • Theban Cavalry decreased from -62 to -49
      • Tier IV
        • Levy Pikeman decreased from -45 to -41
        • Athenian Hoplites decreased from -45 to -41
        • Toxotai decreased from -35 to -32
        • Citizen Cavalry decreased from -70 to -52
        • Telesillis Argives decreased from -45 to -41
      • Tier V
        • Theban Pikeman decreased from -45 to -43
        • Macedonian Hoplites decreased from -45 to -43
        • Cycladic Archers decreased from -35 to -34
        • Psiloi decreased from -35 to -34
        • Thorax Spearman decreased from -45 to -43
        • Companion Cavalry decreased from -70 to -54
      • Tier VI
        • Elite Companions decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier VII
        • Agema Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier VIII
        • Somatophylakes decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier IX
        • Royal Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56
      • Tier X
        • Hellenic Cataphhracts decreased from -70 to -56
    • Barbarian:
      • Tier I
        • Tribesman decreased from -77 to -68
        • Riders decreased from -47 to -34
      • Tier II
        • Woodsmen decreased from -77 to -65
        • Scouts decreased from -47 to -36
      • Tier III
        • Warband decreased from -77 to -68
        • Raiders decreased from -47 to -38
        • Huntsman decreased from -39 to -34
      • Tier IV
        • Seconded Strays decreased from -77 to -71
        • Bloodsworn decreased from -77 to -71
        • Cherusci Warband decreased from -77 to -71
        • Brigands decreased from -47 to -40
        • Cimbri Archers decreased from -39 to -35
      • Tier V
        • Wild Wolves decreased from -77 to -74
        • Warriors decreased from -77 to -74
        • Falxmen decreased from -77 to -74
        • Mounted Warband decreased from -47 to -41
        • Archer Warband decreased from -39 to -37
        • Basternae Falxmen decreased from -77 to -74


We have addressed the slight power imbalance found between Greek Cavalry and other units by toning down their charge impact.

  • Reduced the charge impact of Greek Cavalry units:
    • Theban Cavalry from 125 to 121
    • Citizen Cavalry from 126 to 122
    • Companion Cavalry from 127 to 123
    • Elite Companions from 129 to 124
    • Agema Cavalry from 130 to 126
    • Somotophylakes from 131 to 127
    • Royal Cavalry from 132 to 128
    • Hellenic Cataphracts from 142 to 138

After analysing the data from the last few weeks, we found that cavalry units tended to lose more of their men, but had to pay a lower replenishment cost than other units. To address this, we've slightly increased the unit cost of these units to bring it more in line with other unit types.

  • Increased the unit cost of all cavalry units by approximately 10% Silver
    • Roman:
      • Tier V Celeres increased from 1160 to 1280
      • Tier VI Equites increased from 1720 to 1880
      • Tier VII Legionary Cavalry increased from 2360 to 2600
      • Tier VIII Italian Noble Cavalry increased from 3120 to 3440
      • Tier IX Praetorian Cavalry increased from 4280 to 4680
      • Tier X Legatus increased from 5280 to 5800
    • Greek
      • Tier III Theban Cavalry increased from 480 to 520
      • Tier IV Citizen Cavalry increased from 840 to 920
      • Tier V Companion Cavalry increased from 1280 to 1280
      • Tier VI Elite Companions increased from 1720 to 1880
      • Tier VII Agema Cavalry increased from 2360 to 2600
      • Tier VIII Somatophylakes increased from 3120 to 3440
      • Tier IX Royal Cavalry increased from 4280 to 4680
      • Tier X Hellenic Cataphracts increased from 5280 to 5800
    • Barbarian
      • Tier II Scouts increased from 180 to 225
      • Tier III Raiders increased from 450 to 495
      • Tier IV Brigands increased from 855 to 900
      • Tier V Mounted Warband increased from 1170 to 1260
      • Tier VI Gungir Chargers increased from 1710 to 1890
      • Tier VII Blood Riders increased from 2385 to 2610
      • Tier VIII Nifilheim Riders increased from 3150 to 3465
      • Tier IX Harbingers increased from 4275 to 4680
      • Tier X Noble Horse increased from 5265 to 5805

Archers appeared to be having a harder time generating revenue than other unit types due to their inability to gain silver from multiple sources as the majority of their income is purely from dealing damage. To make sure that they are more in line to other unit types, we have slightly reduced the cost of many archer units.

  • Decreased the unit silver cost of some archer units by approximately 10%
    • Roman:
      • Tier III Republican Skirmishers decreased from 450 to 405
      • Tier IV Socii Javelineers decreased from 810 to 720
      • Tier V Rorarii decreased from 1080 to 990
      • Tier VI Velites decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Augustan Skirmishers decreased from 2250 to 2025
      • Tier VIII Veteran Velites decreased from 2970 to 2655
      • Tier IX Elite Velites decreased from 4050 to 3645
      • Tier X Imperial Velites decreased from 4995 to 4500
    • Greek
      • Tier V Cycladic Archers decreased from 1080 to 1020
      • Tier VI Levy Slingers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VI Lesbos Archers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Scythian Archers decreased from 2280 to 2040
      • Tier VIII Pontic Slingers decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier VIII Helot Slingers decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier IX Cimmerian Heavy Archers decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier IX Olympic Slingers decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier X Rhodian Slingers decreased from 5040 to 4500
      • Tier X Cretan Archers decreased from 5040 to 4500
    • Barbarian:
      • Tier IV Cimbri Archers decreased from 780 to 720
      • Tier V Archer Warband decreased from 1080 to 1020
      • Tier VI Proven Archers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Ambushers decreased from 2280 to 2040
      • Tier VIII Night Hunters decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier IX Cernnunnos Hunters decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier X Archers of Ullr decreased from 5040 to 4500

We will be addressing more seriously, in the near future, the topic of grouped Cavalry charges (blob charging), but we are removing charge impact from the Confident morale state as the beginning of this process. This change will directly counter group charging behaviour by making it less efficient to execute these charges.


  • Completely removed charge impact from Confident morale state
  • Vitruvian Ballista:
    • Reduced the number of projectiles from 5 to 4





After analysing our data and gathering player feedback, we have balanced several commander abilities. This is part of our commitment to regular balancing, and these kinds of changes will be a regular part of updates.


  • Alexander
    - Wedge: Reduced the base charge impact from 10% to 5%


  • Vercingetorix
    - Defiance: Changed the melee AP damage talent from an additive to a multiplier 
       - The talent now scales from a previous +6 melee AP damage to a total of 40% melee AP damage over 5 levels


  • Arminius
    - Momentum: 
       - Added 10% charge bonus on the base ability
       - Created a new talent for Momentum that adds a total of 10% charge bonus over 5 levels


  • Scipio
    - Wrath of Mars: Charge bonus has been reduced on talents from 50% to a total of 30%
    - Oath of Perseverance: 
       - Reduced the base defence from 80% to 50% 
       - Reduced the total talents defence from 70% to 50%


  • Caesar
    • Veni:
      - Reduced the base melee defence and melee attack from 30% to 20% 
      - Reduced total defence given by talents from 40% to 30% 




  • Hitting F1 key in battle will now display a controls help-sheet overlay.




  • Ping icon now shows next to the players name on the side-scoreboard when they ping in battle.
  • Polish and general clean-up of Parties & Friends. Some notable changes:
    • Change in invite time duration.
    • Opening the chat panel by hitting ENTER
    • Chat will open when receiving a private message. 
    • Changed other player names in chat to make them more readable
  • Combat text polish. 




  • VFX pass on Salernum.




  • VFX pass on the Front end.






  • Game screen will no longer freeze and become unresponsive on commander selection screen at the start of the M1 tutorial. 
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when closing the help panel for Commander Abilities and then accessing the ‘help’ feature again. 
  • Fixed a crash when selecting Officer Training tutorial while in Commander Abilities panel. 
  • Can no longer break M2 tutorial when purchasing equipment quickly when prompted to. 
  • Can no longer get stuck during Advisor pop ups in M2 by clicking Silver button before the tooltip appears. 
  • Can no longer get multiple flank bonuses with unit blobbing by issuing multiple order types. 
  • Opening and closing the main menu in quick succession will no longer lock the game into a pause. 
  • Wardog units no longer have full unit replenishment/deaths regardless of unit condition. 
  • Can no longer exploit AOE abilities usage an infinite amount of times. 
  • Unit which is under Hunt ability can now be tracked after leaving visibility. 
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to select units after the cursor was over some UI elements. 
  • Can no longer drag invisible selection boxes when using certain pings.
  • Disconnected players dead units now correctly display a dead unit card. 
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes party members wouldn't be able to accept party invites after previously being kicked from a party. 
  • Fixed issues where switching between units quickly with tab and activating an ability no longer activates the second unit’s ability. 
  • Resizing the minimap quickly no longer causes the grid coordinates to vanish.
  • Fatigue bar no longer freezes at whatever percentage it was when a unit is killed.
  • Combat text will no longer overlay the scoreboard. 
  • Rebalancing "Barrage" - no longer fires a near constant stream of arrows.
  • Slinger’s weapons no longer float around the slinger’s hand during attack animations. 
  • Porthole render can no longer be dismissed with left or right clicks. 
  • Hovering over Artillery that are deployed in the fog of war will no longer display an attack cursor and threat indicator tooltip.
  • Unit dust VFX now displays on water. 
  • Heavy Artillery unit ID will no long remain after the unit has died.
  • Fixed inconsistent balance for some lower tier consumables. 
  • Hints no longer overlap when viewing the help mode.
  • Advisor tooltips can now be dismissed with the Escape key. 
  • Commander portrait no longer constantly glows after boosting a commander. 
  • Active abilities no longer cause unit abilities to change position when equipped. 
  • Anvil can no longer be activated at distance when Hoplite Phalanx is active. 
  • Click-dragging a unit card from the front end unit panel then closing the panel no longer breaks the unit panel.
  • Pressing Enter no longer switches to the previously typed in chat instead of the currently selected one. 
  • Loading screen tooltips no longer state the wrong key bindings for pings and telestration.
  • ‘CPU’ players now have the disconnection UI icon next to their name. 
  • ‘Unleash’ no longer displays as if it can be reused if Wardogs have already been unleashed and not attached to the unit. 
  • Wardogs will no longer maintain a directional marker in the fog of war. 
  • Disconnect player colour is now blue for all necessary UI elements.
  • Roman bolt consumables no longer have different names in the Front End and Battle. 
  • Boudica's ability ‘Ambush’ can now be used on the Celtic Slingers unit. 
  • Removed ‘Engineering Experts’ from Scorpion units due to it being a redundant ability for this unit. 
  • Tier VI Hound Handlers can now use the Throw Javelins ability. 
  • Wardogs now have a colour on the Unit Types pie chart in the Profile panel. 
  • Wardogs no longer pass through barricades unhindered. 
  • Right-clicking on an enemy while routing will no longer trigger the audio for issuing an attack order. 
  • Leonida's will now correctly hold his shield when his primary unit are the Myrmidons. 
  • Using ‘Raise Shield’ with Pikeman no longer causes their pikes to disappear. 
  • Fixed issue with duration of Wardogs ability ‘Fetch’ which wasn't allowing them to reach enemies on the edge of the intercept range.
  • Attacking with a Wardog unit will now trigger battle music. 
  • Wrong health no longer displays for disconnected units. 
  • Fixed issue where the apply button clickable area in the key bindings was smaller than the displayed zone. 
  • Horn audio now plays when the allied base capture reaches 25%, 50% and 75% captured.
  • Commander VO plays for allied base capture if the enemy base is already being captured. 
  • Deployable construction time UI stat now properly displays. 
  • [LOC] Premium shop panel is now localised in all supported languages. 
  • [LOC] Quick ping wheel is now localised in all supported languages.
See you on the battlefield!





#28769 What is the purpose of Barbarian archer?

Posted JonatheOrange on 20 January 2018 - 09:01 AM

They are made to distract, slow and confuse the enemy. Firstly the enemy will be distracted by the arrows coming towards them, this distraction will slow the enemy as they start to zig and zag incase its a real threat shooting at them like greek archers. Once the enemy discovers its barb archers the mass confusion will begin, in many cases the enemy will take their hands off the mouse and keyboard to scratch their heads in confusion wondering why someone would waste so much xp. This can buy you a good 3mins to escape as they laugh and wonder in amusement why they bothered zigging and zagging in the first place.


Posted Shaun_Rasmussen on 15 January 2018 - 03:47 PM

Luckily the majority of the community doesn't take Pellasgos seriously anymore so....


The role of missile troops and the strategy for playing as or against them has been pretty similar in every total war game, except for this one.  Archers can fire long distance, over obstacles, etc. often under no duress.  All other troops have to maneuver and work to get close to do damage to enemy units or to get to and kill the archers who are often well protected.  The tradeoff to make the games balanced is that archers don't do as much dps as other units.  In a situation where one team has missile troops and the other one doesn't, team A must try to get to the team B archers before they do too much damage.  If they get to them in time they have a good chance of winning.  If team B is able to defend the archers long enough and the archers can do enough damage over time due to their near constant ability to attack, then team B will likely win.  


In this game archers are given an ability that does more dps in 4 seconds on a 1 minute CD than any other unit, with rare exceptions of course.  In most total war games, if you are constantly harassing archers so that they are moving and not firing you are giving your team the advantage.  This has always been a great tactic.  Even if you can't kill them, just keep them busy so they aren't firing on your team.  With barrage in it's current state  you can harass enemy archers for a minute, which would be great work by your team.  Suddenly you are unable to harass them anymore and the Cynane archer player gets a 5 second window to do something. Activate barrage and get up to 1500 damage in 4 seconds, basically making all that work of harrassing the archers for nothing.  Then another minute later the cd is over and they can do it again.  I have no issue with the amount  of damage that Cynane archer players do, I have an issue with how they do it.  A good round by a Cynane archer player should consist of constant fire on the enemy because of great protection and failure of the enemy to even get near the archer player.  If base damage needs to get a slight buff so that barrage can be nerfed, yet have good rounds by archers still be rewarded with high scores then that's fine.


With barrage in it's current state, the games often come down to which team's archers lands the first barrage on the other team's archers.  It makes for bad gameplay.  Barrage is also the main reason that barb archers are irrelevant. 

#27479 Tier Gap, how Wargaming destroyed this game, other issues

Posted drscot on 27 December 2017 - 08:26 AM

I think you'll find that the reports of my leaving the game are greatly exaggerated...

In regards to the points made so far:

a) High vs. Low tiers
I'm going to answer 2 points with this topic; the Praetorians point and the tier difference one itself. The problem with game development is that there's never just one side to an argument, for example in this case, how do you think a player would feel after earning so much XP over so many battles and there's no tier difference? At the same time, the person who isn't that far yet suddenly has a much harder time getting to the same tier because he's playing against people who already have and they're slaughtering him easily. In regards to my second point, the Praetorians have raised this specific issue, among many others and solutions are being looked into, but they are slow. And every change on one aspect affects a hundred others and they all have to be balanced.
b) Premium units:
I actually disagree with this, I don't see the problem with the current premium units.

c) Missing units:
There's two reasons for these (imo). Either the unit is not ready (e.g. horse archers which have always been bugged and never fixed) or they're being saved for another faction (if CA wanted to introduce the Huns as a faction, this would be perfect).

d) Unkillable units:
You'll have to be more specific on this one: is this units that are routing, wavering or have completely collapsed and it's just the remains running back to base.

e) Good and bad friendly fire:
I 100% agree with you here, but it's personal opinion, I constantly have this argument with 

f) wavering mechanic:
Either a bug or bad wording - I would report it as such.

g) Archers - Barrage:
I understand your frustration with this, but the changes you ask for won't be immediate, they have to be balanced so that archers players also don't feel like they're just running around with paintball guns. I would personally agree that greek archers are OP and need to either have the damage reduced or the cooldown length increased. I play archers more than any unit and even I think it's ridiculous.

In regards to Byzantine's points:
Leaving player & Steam:
I think that a lot of people tend to view the steam version through rose tinted glasses, that is to say the remember the fun they had but forget how much more buggy, laggy etc. that version was. Looking back on old footage is frankly hilarious (watching units try to get around corners is painful). There were so many underlying changes made between the two versions that aren't immediately visible, but the game relies on to work better. In regards to players leaving, yes there's a lot of frustration with the mechanics and bugs that people are still finding are taking a long time to fix. Alongside this is the fact that people know there is a wipe coming which puts players off (I was one of them). 
I can't really comment as much on charges as I don't use units that have them (play predominantly Leo and Cynane), but from watching other players, it doesn't look great. Charges still need a lot of work. I think they should take a look at Game of Thrones "loot train" sequence for the effects of cavalry charges on any infantry.
I disagree with you here, the morale system in the previous alphas and steam version was pretty basic and didn't work very well (remember fear/war cry abuse ?). I like the current system, although as with everything it still needs some refining and balancing.
Turn and movement speed:
This one amuses me - there are so many calls that the game is too arcady and when CA make it more realistic, people complain. Turn speed shouldn't be high because all it does is cause havoc with so many mechanics (pikes just for a start) and is completely unrealistic.
Lag etc.:
There's something wrong here, because even on my potato computer (2012 iMac with a mobile GPU) I still never had issues with Arena. I have heard that players have had more issues recently but I've got a new PC since then so can't comment on that.

I personally am sticking with the game, I can see how much work the developers are putting into it, listening to your feedback and genuinely are trying to make a good game. Bad games don't make money lol. I understand your frustration with how slow it is, but remember that it still isn't a large team (CA are still developing it, WG are just publishing it) and people make mistakes. On top of that, they are trying to balance out a system that is insanely complicated, let alone the matchmaking system itself.

#24011 When CB ends ? And when Open Beta starts ??

Posted PeLLaSG0S on 03 November 2017 - 05:01 PM

View PostZwillinger, on 03 November 2017 - 07:02 AM, said:

Just going to repost something I posted on the TWA subreddit:





Seriously? Why dont you repost something better like this for example...???



Why dont you use this???


Oh you dont remember it? Its funny...that you use TWA subreddit thing to inform us about misleading again the player base....???

Why you didnt use the official announcement you made?


On your official announcement for  closed beta  you clearly said ....·The first Closed Beta Test will begin on Friday 1st September at 13:00(UTC), and will remain active for 8 weeks!!!!

and now you are coming to tell us that ....to be crystal clear: We are currently planning on Closed Beta lasting at least through the new year.!!!


Really?So now i believe  you expect from the player-base to take you seriously??? Not only you fail to deliver your promises now you are misleading us too...EVERYONE KNEW THAT THE CLOSED BETA WILL LAST 8 WEEKS...and now you are coming to tell us...end of the year and we will see.....


Well the players are not fools...and if we can be fooled once well i can assure you we cannot  be fooled forever...YOU FAILED TO KEEP YOUR DEADLINE ....YOU FAILED TO KEEP YOUR PROMISE....


At least admit it ....apologize ....and carry on fixing the game...but dont come in the forum to announce the extension of the closed beta through a redit thing....Be a man and admit that you f... ed the game and that you are not ready yet....

We would understand an honest announcement and apology...but not this bs....


People have started paying money for this game having in mind that after the 8 weeks we would be ready to start the open beta and there would be no more wipes....

If you see them now asking for compensation what you gonna tell them...???I pity the customer service people... 


You disappointed us...one more time...The majority of the players are not playing arena any more because they are sick of wipes...we are testing the game for you almost 4 years  now....we deserve some more communication ...we deserve to know the truth about the state of the game...and you keep failing to deliver....and this is both for CA AND WG!


Its a shame because this game has great potential but you are doing big mistakes...



#18527 Closed Beta mini patch notes (updated 08/09) - Update 2.0.4

Posted Akriom on 07 September 2017 - 11:33 AM

Hi everyone,


We did a very small update this morning at 4AM (GMT+0) that will have the following changes:


  • Fixed XP conversion price. Was: 5xp per gold; will be: 25xp per gold
  • The game client will now display ban reason on game launch if player is banned.
  • Lowered silver prices for some units replenish and consumables cost


The main reasons for changing the units replenish and consumables cost:

  • To keep the same average amount of battles needed to progress to tier X
  • To ensure progression curve would start being more challenging from tier VIII while in effect it starts on average at Tier IV up until this update
  • To rebalance the cost of the different unit types – this was done as melee infantry was significantly more expensive than other unit types were, due to the replenish cost


Regarding refunding gold already spent on XP conversions, we will communicate on this as soon as we possibly can.


We hope you'll enjoy those small changes.

FYI - We're busy working on the game in many different ways and more updates should be coming in the near future.


So stay tuned for more information!

#29880 [Fireplace] [Streams] Friendly matches with the SUNTZU Streaming Community

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 06 February 2018 - 10:52 PM

SUNTZU Streaming Community has the pleasure to announce that we are going to organise friendly matches every Thursday evening.


We will be playing custom battles in a friendly, non competitive atmosphere and on a decent level of play. Battles that everyone involved will enjoy.


If you want to participate in these events please join the SUNTZU Streaming Community's Discord server. In order to ensure that these events will stay friendly and feature good battles we will assign a role of a “friendly player” on our Discord server to those worthy of it. You don't need to be very good at the game to be deemed worthy, but you absolutely must have a good reputation within Arena community.


These events will always be hosted over at SUNTZU_Mistrzu's channel though there will be different people hosting it each week so the hours and sometimes days of these events may change. Best way to stay up to date is to check out our streaming schedule.

#28371 Archers vs Slingers

Posted TWR_Khan_Asparukh on 13 January 2018 - 11:23 AM

Slingers vs Archers

Post about the incentive to play slingers instead of archers.



Fully upgraded slinger can reach ~150 range at high tiers. Fully upgraded archer can reach ~120. If we add +10% reach from barrage that will result in near 130 range. Every archer at high tiers has increased range unit ability, which is at least +10% (for reference only t9 slinger has such), and results in near 140 range. In the end slingers have 10 range advantage over archers, which is nothing. Slingers are firing their shot, archers instead move fast forward and they are in range, use barrage and its game over for slingers.


Missile Weapon damage and Missile AP Weapon Damage

Missile Weapon damage is in favor of archers, since their AP damage is ~11-15 against ~3-5 for slingers. The normal damage is more or less equal.



Protection is in favor of slingers with the exception of t9 archer.



Archers have two trajectories of fire. One direct, when there is no obstacle in front of them and one indirect when such exist. Slingers have only one – direct, which is making them in serious disadvantage, as in certain maps such as Gergovia with makes them barely useable and certainly not n their maximum effectiveness.


Reload speed

Here comes the huge difference. Base reload speed is in favor of archers 4s vs 5s for slingers, which means 15 vs 12 volleys per minute or 225 vs 180 per game. If you use archers with Cynane (almost 100% of the time) you’ll have additional up to 15-18 volleys every 70s for t10 Barrage.  This means more than 200 volleys per match.

The result is 400+ vs 180 volleys. Huge difference in favor of archers.



It’s not surprising that most players prefer archers instead of slingers.  Far more reliable, easy to use and with huge damage output.




  1. Decrease reload speed to 4, same as archers.
  2. Increase fire angles.
  3. Add ability on every slinger’s tier for +30-50% dmg without decrease of range. T8 have such – Whistling bullet, but is only 90 range.


P.S. Wonder what developers think of slingers and are there going to be any changes in future regarding them?


P.S. t5-6-7 slinger have better range than t8-9. Need fixing in my opinion.

#27464 Tier Gap, how Wargaming destroyed this game, other issues

Posted Xarthare on 26 December 2017 - 10:24 PM

Well i am without words to express how disappointed i am with the state of the game.

I remember when i used to play this during the steam era, when the game was interesting, rewarded ppl with skill, tactics. Nowadays, well, i've become used to Wargaming policy of keep the money flowing ....

What i dislike about the game, apart from the everything that they have changed from the steam version:

a) if you have a high tier unit you will win the engagement, this just rewards players who grind the game till they reach tier 10, doesn't matter if the player is good or not, it just matters the time you have "invested" in the game, as a loyal player (i now understand why Copper Pride used to rage a lot....)

b) premium units: i understand games need money to survive, but the way this is done is just silly. I've already mentioned this during the alpha version a few months back, but since wargaming only address whatever they feel should be addressed, oh well, we will continue with the pay 2 win and the players who refuse to buy horrible units.

c) Units missing from the steam version. Well at this point i expect to see horse archers as a premium unit, it is beyond me why Triari, which used to be a tier 4 roman unit is now a premium and a tier 7. apart from horse archers the roman and greek rooster has suffered some changes, i don't agree, but oh well...i will live with it.

d) This one isn interestinf . For some reason you can't kill the units that the enemy player can't control. When i try to click on them so i finish whatever is left to get a few extra points it just doesn't allow it. I don't remember seeing this in the patch notes, if i'm the one who missed it well my bad and i apologize, if it was a ninja nerf/fix, thank you....

e) I love this one. there is good and bad friendly fire. Well to the dev or devs that said this let me explain something. I used to play a lot with horse archers and my friendly fire would never go higher than 400/600 points. I would avoid at all costs to ff my team mates. Why? The answer is really simple... if i kill a % of my allies units it will lead to several things, like the palyer will have or nurture a grudge against me and second those units won't help me later on. So there is no good ff, unless the player says "kill my units so we can save the situation.

f) wavering mechanic: "because this unit has less than ten units it will enter a state of wavering". Number of units: 10/45. Pretty sure that ten is not less than 10...

g) archers: barrage now is fun, they must have high armor piercing bullets, because they melt frontal charges from cav... Also it is fun to see how charging from 2 different spots with 2 units sometimes doesn t rout ranged units, or barely touches them. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. Even timing the charge so it hits at the 4 second period seems to only work when the game wants (probably the reason it faisl sometimes is simple, i was hiting premium god like units...). Rear charges on tier 8 archers, from tier 7 cav 3 archers vs 1 unit of cav, and i don't do more than 30% damage. Charges working as intended, archers made of bricks, timed charge to no effect, alas i was able to almost kill all of those archers since they got strangled with my unit and couldn't fire.
The game went from archers under performing to over performing... Now archers get a lot of points, something that was not common or happened often. Now you will always see players who use archers on top of scoreboards. If ranged are to have infinite ammo at least give them a limit to how many times they can use barrage, apart from the cooldown. If not that reduce its damage, or give lower units increase damage/defense when facing high tier units. While and when i played arena, in the steam version, i remember that player with low tier units would get rewarded for facing high tier units (again, i've already mentioned this, so if Wargaming has done nothing it means they do not pay attention or they don't care, since i can't believe they are that incompetent...)

Initially i was only going to address the horrible experience a player has when he starts to play tier 5 and beyond, because wargaming has completly destroyed what used to be a fun game. I still don't understand what the Praetorians are doing, and they have even recruited some recently, but honestly i don't think Wargaming pays them any attention, and if they do they are doing a poor job. The issue about a high tier facing a low tier, even if the low tier is better equipped was brought up during alpha version and it is still an ongoing process. For every step forward this game takes there is a bunch of steps taken backwards...

So far the best experience i've had with a high tier facing mewas arty units, tier 10 versus my tier 7 cav. During the steam version, you would win the engagement, because, well, it makes sense that a horse, infantry or whatever, apart from range, kills an arty player during a melee engagement. Alas no! Wargaming thinks it is realistic for arty tier 10 to do 10 k damage to a cav unit. Only reason i didn't lose the fight (and oath was activated), was one! My team won the game by capturing the base. Apart from this disappointing new "feature", i can't express how disappointed i am with Wargaming, CA, and everyone that is working in this game.

When i arrived from university it was a treat to play this game (back when it was installed in steam) now i need to make an effort to even try to play it.

Not only the tier gap, the shady stats from premium units (Wargaming should just call them pay2win and thanks for your money), the lack of content ( that goes from lack of new and interesting units to the lack of new types of games) this game is just reaching a new low.

I remember when ppl started leaving the game because it was becoming dull as hell, i did not support them then. Now... well i should have done the same.....

The examples of how high tier units win a fight versus a unit that is just one tier lower are many, and i would like to elaborate, the thing is, i feel it will be like writing in the sand near the ocean, because Wargaming doesn't really care.

The constant desynch is also a new feature. if a player desynchs he should not pay for the consumables, but i guess it makes sense to pay for something i did not use. 

Thanks CA and Wargaming...