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#1077 Account resets

Posted boxlars24 on 27 November 2016 - 05:52 PM

Xeir stop trolling these forums, you don't know what you are talking about and can't empathize nor use common sense as proven by my prior post. 


The reason that people pay for the additional content is because more advanced units are more interesting to play(or more desired):

If wargaming/Sega denies this premise I would advice them just to give every unit away as people would clearly not spend a dime on units.


Me and all others have been promised not to get our content wiped or progress reset, yet this happened. - In other words; we have been excluded from more desirable units, that we/I consciously played to obtain.

I'm not interesting in getting good at a game which requires me to play 100+ matches to unlock new heroes, which seems to be what the new pricing suggests. If there is a competition in ping pong and you are told the value of winning is x, and suddenly just as you have trained the value of the price decreases - is a case of fraud.


I as many others think compensation for hours grinded in to this game is well deserved as no wipes were promised. I am not speaking of a 100% compensation, but sure, 80 - or even 50% would be nice - despite the steep price increases.


Total war haven't even admitted that they promised no wipes and weren't able to stand up to it, again, shameful and pity behavior. If they didn't delete their article on patch 11 and no wipes, and instead explained their deep sorry for our time wasted I wouldn't be here writing this. I don't know if Sega and the wargaming will ignore this obvious pathetic robbery, to which I think a visit from the European Consumer Committee IS my response. 


Edit: I don't like suing other companies, but since both Sega and Wargaming has had no problems doing this in the past. So to anyone having problems with this, please refer me to your post regarding how horrible and how much you criticized Sega for suing level-5 and wargaming project Tank in the past. 

#2647 Community Questions – 1st Alpha Weekend

Posted IDEAnLeiTung on 16 December 2016 - 02:28 PM

Most stuff sounds like you thought it through and makes Sense:
The automated spawn point system is really really bad. It takes away so much tactical depth right in the beginning. You say it lets you play more battles quicker but what about the people that have to run across half the map to get into a good position for their units. What about people that want to queue up in a party and play on the same side, etc.
I strongly recommend that you look into this again. Please.
(I'll post some possible solutions in the alpha section once i find the time)

#2603 Community Questions – 1st Alpha Weekend

Posted Akriom on 15 December 2016 - 06:20 PM


1. This alpha weekend felt more like a roll back: what is the reason behind these changes? Why not keep the latest Beta build?



  • Horse archers and other units were removed (such as war dogs, gladiators and auxiliary cavalry) is it a temporary measure or is there other plans for these units?

We wanted to make each faction more unique, which is why we decided to give each faction a more focused group of unit types, which represent that faction. Like that, it’ll be much more interesting to try playing a different faction, with a different commander. Some unit types (such as Gladiators and Horse Archers) were removed because we are reserving them for future factions and commanders. Also, War Dogs never worked… but we have plans for them!

  • Archers are unbalanced with at low level being too strong and the old exploit is back: they can kill cavalry that is engaged in melee fights without (it seems) doing any friendly fire. Is there anything that will be done about it?

We’ve already addressed this in the upcoming patch. All cavalry units now have the Charge ability from Tier I. Also, we’ve weakened archer melee strength and morale. This combination means that with a single charge, cavalry is able to deal significant damage to archers, and have a good chance to rout them. We will of course continue balancing all unit types, and we love to get your feedback.

  • Will the unit weight’s impact in combat/damage be implemented to the game as it used to work? (e.g. cavalry vs Pikes)

Unit weight (heavy/medium/light) wasn’t actually “a thing”, we just displayed it but the unit stats underneath were far more complex. We felt that it was more misleading than anything else, which is why we’re now transitioning to a clearer and more predictable system for display. However, in the background, nothing has really changed to how it was before.

  • Will the unit identifiers interact with each other the same way they use to in the previous beta?

Yes and no. We’ve introduced new default settings, which for example show player and and unit tier. Also, unit cards will still bounce off each other and not overlap by default. At the same time, we’ve introduced a whole new set of options that let you customize exactly what you want to see on the unit identifiers, and how you want them to behave. You can make them overlap, just like they used to.



  • The experience gained after each battle has been reduced and more experience is needed to upgrade units. What is the reason behind that?

The experience gained from battle has not been reduced. We do now reward teamplay more than individual contributions, to encourage people to play together more. Also, we’ve actually reduced the time it will take players to reach Tier X, compared to how it was before, as we’ve adjusted all the prices of units and equipment.

  • Was it intended not to have consumables?

We still have consumables, but they are introduced later. You get your first consumable slot at Tier IV, and a second consumable slot appears at Tier VII. We’ve done this to reduce the complexity of the early game while increasing the complexity of the late game. We also intend to do a complete overhaul of consumables in the future, to make them more interesting and tactical.

  • Are there less maps? Why are some maps limited to specific tiers?

Some maps are simply not suited for early tiers. Germania, for example, is huge. At the lower tiers, it takes far too long to traverse the map, and low-tier artillery units have a too short range to be useful on this map. Therefore, we have staggered the maps so that they appear on the tiers that they are most fun to play on, and we’re intending to add more maps soon.

  • Forests are making the game less readable/not clear and we had to zoom in for visibility – is this going to change?

Yes, we are currently working on making units inside the forest more visible by outlining them. Unfortunately, that won’t make it into the upcoming patch.

  • Will we have once again the possibility to select the starting spot?

For the moment, we’re going to stick with automated deployment. This way, battles start a lot faster, getting players into the action more quickly and allowing you to play more battles per hour. Also, we found that many new players didn’t understand the deployment system. Lastly, the system wasn’t flexible enough: A large number of players always ended up in positions where they didn’t want to be, for example.

We have plans for improving this system further: We will review the automated deployment locations and assignment, and we may also bring some form of player-selected deployment back in the future.



  • Previous general skill system was better (e.g. 4 skills better than 3) why was it changed?

Previously, the skill upgrades were rather boring and it felt that they didn’t matter, especially at the later levels. Many players felt that the tiny percent bonus wasn’t worth spending a ton of Free XP on. Also, many players gave us the feedback that they’d like to customize their commander more.

We took in all that feedback and introduced the talent trees: It allows for customization, each individual upgrade is actually stronger than before, which also makes it more noticeable. Also, each upgrade step now costs a lot less Free XP, which means that you can upgrade more frequently and you can customize more deeply.

Lastly, we reviewed all of the commanders and realized that with only three abilities we can make them much more distinct, with each commander standing for a specific play style. They simply didn’t need four abilities. Instead, we moved more abilities onto the units, which also makes each unit type more distinct and fun to play. Now, at higher tiers, Commanders have three abilities and units have three abilities. This also has the positive side effect that taking a unit for which your commander doesn’t have an ability isn’t such a bad thing anymore.

Lastly, we don’t consider the current commander ability system as complete or balanced. We wanted to go out early to get your feedback and then improve on it.

  • Cynane isn’t good anymore. Any plans to improve her (especially with the horse archers being removed)

We’re aware that some commanders will need a review and improvement of their abilities and we absolutely intend to do that in the near future.

  • Some useful commander abilities have been removed (e.g. Arminius Spy ability)

We intend to review commander abilities. Some of these abilities might also end up on units, and some will go onto future commanders. We wanted to make each commander more distinct, with less overlap between abilities.

  • There’s no “Veni” but there is still the “Vidi” and “Vici”. That doesn’t seem logical anymore.

True! We’ll update the naming of Caesar’s abilities in our overall ability review.



  • Why was the UI completely reworked, previous one “worked fine”?

We identified issues that were confusing users. Our hard-core fans of course had gotten used to the old UI as it was, and figured out how to read and operate it. However, whenever we saw new people interact with the game, it was clear that the UI wasn’t doing enough to help them important concepts like morale, flanking, and positioning. People also found it very difficult to select their own units or target enemy units, especially when there was a concentrated group of units.

The new UI addresses these issues and makes it easier to see what’s going on, how to select units, and to understand the game’s key concepts. However, with the upcoming update, we’re introducing a wide range of new options which will allow seasoned players to define exactly how they want their UI to behave and look, and what information they want to see.

Lastly, we are aware that some players had issues with old config files from a year ago making the UI far worse than it should be. We’ve now introduced a fix that will set up the UI as it should be, regardless of old config files. If you are still experiencing issues, please do let us know on the forums.

  • Pressing ALT to switch weapons “was fine” why was it removed? (not being intuitive enough didn’t convince the community)

There was absolutely no indication in the game of how to throw pila, for example. It was essentially impossible for a new user to understand that their legionaries could throw pila. In order to make it clear which unit can do what, we turned such hidden abilities into actual unit abilities.

It also makes it clearer for experienced players to understand the cooldown, and how many shots they have left… neither of which was displayed before.

  • Are there any camera setting changes planned in the future? Are the FOV and Zoom options WIP?

We feel that camera control and spatial awareness are part of the skill of the game. Moving the camera higher would reduce the amount of situational awareness a player needs. This would make it much harder to outmaneuver and surprise an enemy… which is a key part of our gameplay!

Situational awareness is a resource that the player needs to manage, it’s part of the game.

  • Player name setting is not working – are there plans to re-add more icons to help identify units?

Already fixed in the upcoming update.



  • CA promised not to reset accounts after previous beta – why has that changed?

We made fundamental changes to our server and profile architecture, and we also completely reworked the unit trees for all factions… We shuffled around entire branches of the trees, we introduced commander ability trees, and moved abilities between commanders. Keeping any sort of progress was simply not possible.

We’re sorry for this, but it was unfortunately absolutely necessary. We will, however, reward players of the past Closed Alpha and Closed Beta stages once we are sure that there will be no more resets (for real, this time).

  • Why is Friendly Fire not included in the end game stats?

Players who do friendly fire are penalized much more in terms of losing silver than they were before. We felt that showcasing friendly fire to other players was only a negative thing which could lead to toxicity in the community. Don’t worry about who did friendly fire, and don’t flame them… Rest assured that they’re penalized by the game and help them learn!

We are also working on making friendly fire more obvious for the person dealing friendly fire, and we’re looking at ways for the game to teach the player about it.


2. Are you going to add more options for the mini-map? (Like commander style, zoom, etc.)

Possibly. We’re working on improving the minimap, but we’re waiting for more feedback and tests of what users need most.


3. Will we be able to bind abilities to Keyboard shortcuts?

Players have always been able to change the key bindings for each ability slot, and it’s still possible. In the near future we will also introduce a change that makes sure that abilities are always in a sensible slot, for example all charges being in the same slot, on the same hotkey.


4. Why is the game being simplified?  

  • Won't this lead the game to be non-skill based?

The game is not being simplified. In fact, we’ve made many elements of the game more complex and deeper. The Commander Abilities are only one example.

What we have done, however, is to introduce concepts bit by bit. In the first few tiers, players have fewer options than they used to have in the past. In the later tiers, they will have more options than they had in the past… and we still have more game systems planned for the later tiers.

Our goal is to make the game more accessible and easier to understand for new players, and deeper and more complex for hard-core players.


5. What are the plans for the reward system for non-combat units (e.g. holding strategic position)?

The rewards system has been completely reworked since the last Closed Beta test a year ago.

We’re rewarding players for non-combat actions, such as spotting, flanking, routing, buffing, debuffing, and all kinds of other support things. Victory now also accounts for a large portion of the rewards, and so does the overall performance of the team. Essentially, if your team does well, you will be rewarded for your contribution, regardless of whether you fought, captured a flag, or held a mountain pass.


Alpha testers can check the patch notes showing the improvements between first and second Alpha weekends here.

#2030 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted Kingnikolaj on 01 December 2016 - 06:18 AM

I felt a bit inspired

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#1931 Account resets

Posted Sith_VoidDragon on 30 November 2016 - 09:53 AM

My two cents.


CA made categorical statements in the past regarding no future resets which lured many of us into spending significant time in the previous beta unlocking commanders and units.  Had we been aware that future migration or resets would be taking place I am sure many of us would not have invested that much time in the game, and let's be honest time is the biggest investement you as the player will make in any game.


Now with the issuing of closed alpha keys and quoted battle numbers one would assume CA have some record of player achievement in the prior beta, thus if there was a will to, they could award the player base with a similar level of cumulative XP as they had previously achieved.  This could be issued to as a redeemable code to the players Steam Arena address but used on their Wargaming account if the two differ.


From a business perspective I understand why they are not doing this.  Creating a schism in the player base for a newly launched title would probably be disastrous as you want as many players in the new games ecosystem as possible to ensure queue times are kept to a minimum.  Furthermore we don't know what the financial arrangement is with Wargaming, my guess would be that allowing a swath of the dedicated player base immediate access to high tier units would be a big no no for Wargaming.


So how to appease the masses?  Maybe offer up a variety of free premium units once they become available along with a period of premium account access and the unlocking of all commanders for free at the start of the game (this last one should specifically not be monetised for former testers).  

#696 Account resets

Posted boxlars24 on 27 November 2016 - 11:58 AM

View PostXeir, on 27 November 2016 - 11:05 AM, said:



Also no one Sayed there will be not Another wipe before Open beta.


Total War: ARENA – No Account Resets from Patch 11
Total War: ARENA is Go – No Account Resets from Patch 11

All your current game progress is here to stay, forever. There will be no account reset in Total War: ARENA anymore, no progress lost, and you won’t have to start over at any point in the future.

Patch 11 also brings huge improvements to CPU optimisation and significantly lowers the system spec required to get great performance in game. If you’ve been prevented from playing so far due to unit lag, it’s time to give the latest build a try.
For more information on this and some essential rebalancing to Spears and Cavalry, check out the patch notes on our dev blog:

-by CA Dogbert  [developer] 9 Sep, 2015 @ 12:36pm, https://steamcommuni...41624281295984/
Then I don't know what "no more account resets FOREVER" means, or "you won’t have to start over at any point in the future." means.
They should just be lucky no one is suing them for there promises as compensation for lost time and progress.
Edit more:
CA Dogbert  [developer] 10 Sep, 2015 @ 11:31am 
"No more wipes :)"

#3541 Merry christmas and a Happy new year

Posted Xeir on 24 December 2016 - 11:17 AM


New Year is the time to remember all the memories we share, all the fun things we did, all the secrets we poured out for distance is the last thing that can create a rift in our community, and our family.

#3420 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted Kingnikolaj on 20 December 2016 - 10:02 AM

(Agh I haven't photoshopped in forever so I do pardon if it's a rough)

#2245 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted Kingnikolaj on 06 December 2016 - 01:55 PM



(after the 2485th attempt I got it right)

#223 Welcome Alpha Testers!

Posted WickedMouse on 25 November 2016 - 08:15 PM

You cannot play the game right now. I get "Login Failed", because the test is not going right now. That's sunday the 27th. If you have successfully added the Wargaming Code to your account, it should trigger it for the forum account, once you are able to login again. I just managed to do this myself. So other than make it so you need to login on your eu.wargaming.net account again I cannot give you any further suggestions.

#1882 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 29 November 2016 - 07:25 PM

This was a hit on both previous ARENA forums so I decided to continue this beautiful tradition here too.

I wanted to keep updating this first post with the best memes just like I did on previous forums but it seems like there is a limit of max 10 images per post. FeelsBadMan. I'll still update this post with raw versions of all memes so that everyone can create their own memes easily. I'll keep uploading the rest of my memes gradually. Meanwhile you can check out our old Memecenter for inspiration material ;)

Sadly I have to use thumbnails so I don't brake forum rules.

Here are some of the oldest and dankest ARENA memes:


Posted Image

On a quest to create perfect matchmaking:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



Good Guy Dogbert
Scumbag Dogbert
Dogbert wants you
Leonidas' nipples
Bad memory hoplite
Dogbert the Chosen
Kappa the Chosen
Shocked Arminius
Arminius is firing his lazah
Greek laptop
Kawai Mirtiadesu-sama
Sad king Dogbert
Zigza's facepalm
Choo choo!
Modern chariot
Salty meal
Two noobs playing ARENA
Pay to win Romans
Get rekt shirt
Magician Dogbert
Chef Dogbert
Ancient USB

#414 Humble bundle money

Posted Inardesco on 26 November 2016 - 05:39 PM

From what I've gathered from CA, they're still working things out. Considering WG had the amount of battles played within the Alpha e-mail it suffices to say that user data has been shared with WG from CA so this might include Humble Bundle/Alpha codes.


Just be patient till word gets out on what might and might not be returned.

#3363 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted zigza5 on 18 December 2016 - 11:36 PM

from PanRigas youtube channel

#2086 Closed Alpha test - Sunday 27th of November - FAQ

Posted Kasteros on 01 December 2016 - 07:56 PM

"very soon"... This time they didn't write specific date, cos that would be this date + 9 months :P 

#2042 Account resets

Posted M__C__M on 01 December 2016 - 11:33 AM

The mails we got clearly indicates that logistically compensation is doable, I am sure they have a record of more than our number of battles, and CA saying it can't be done is not exactly truthful, the truth is they don't want it to be done. Now, maybe it's a part of the deal with Wargaming, in that case, nothing extra can be said.

Now about premium units, I am sure they will offer some low-mid tier premium unit/gold as rewards for us testers, but we won't be talking about "a variety of premium units" because this will also be bad for business.

And the model for unlocking generals is wrong, my guess is that further down into the game development we will have unbalanced generals MM due to the fact that new players will use only the free generals.

My direct question now to Wargaming, will Total War Arena share at some point in the future, Premium Account in the way existent Wargaming titles share with each other?


#2024 Total War: ARENA Memecenter

Posted SUNTZU_Mistrzu on 30 November 2016 - 11:16 PM

Let's inspire some good behaviour in our fellow players with Good Guy Dogbert!

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


#1904 How seasoned are you?

Posted Sith_VoidDragon on 29 November 2016 - 10:47 PM

View PostIlidbill, on 28 November 2016 - 06:38 PM, said:

7325 =  Ω∙Σ∙Ξ∙G∙Λ


You beast!  Makes my 3,382 look puny.

#1877 An Idea

Posted CapnKappa on 29 November 2016 - 06:48 PM

Would it be possible to have the Arena Team to give us a set amount of commander points for us who have already spent so much time and effort into the beta before the shut down? With other people's emails the team was able to still see how many games they played. The Arena Team still have SOME information from the accounts from the beta. Therefore we can spend the points into the units without having to grind hours upon hours again.

#158 Let's guess the closed beta release date

Posted AidenTaan on 25 November 2016 - 04:17 PM

Can I take part as well... or would that technically speaking be cheating?

Actually, nevermind the cheating part, what do I get if I guess right? :hiding:

#1422 Account resets

Posted akkyro on 28 November 2016 - 09:54 AM

ok, i played thousands of battles in the first game as Maximus...


My English is not perfect, so please forgive my faut...


My favorites Générals where the Barbarians .. so yesterday i tried to play them and also a little bit Léonidas...


Léonidas didnt change a lot but the Barbarians should maybe called now the Hollanders or the polish guys...it has  completely changed and are now quite weak...


I was level 10 with 2 generals and 2 kinds of units.. with the new system it will take me years to retreive my levelling...


We can't blame antbody because when the previous beta closed , they return us our money and in another way its a beta test game so  we are the Lucky guys able to play before everyone...


But what i'm quite desapointed for is  they told us we will never lose our progression (this mean 1000 hours of playing for some of us) and now we have lose everything...


i dont understand why they have changed so much good points in the game... for me the game was great and the only change to fix was the lag , adding maps , generals and units.. and they come back with a new game, a lot of cut and an upgrade system for generals and units that will take millions years to complete  (except of course if you pay for)


it still a good game , new players will find it great but for some of us it's a bit desapointing .


The previous game was almost perfect, sometime its not necessary to modify a "chef d'œuvre" .. if Da Vinci did the same as you did for this game for "the Joconde " and modified her face again and again she will not be in The Louvre actually ...


anyway i'm impatient to test the next version and also impatient to retreive some points of the old version .. my axmen level 3 for exemple :)